Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's an industrial town

Full of clubs and bars

And cremes in jars

That belong to girls like you

Whose hearts were left out in the rain.

I am made of lace

The judicious use Of empty space

And just in case

I might have thought myself too fine,

You were there to remind

Me that I am worse than plain.

I'm sorry it's 6 a.m. on a Sunday.

I'll join the ghosts you keep like an arsenal in your head,

Slip out the door and come back no more

You'll say, "She wasn't what she seemed,

Just something that I dreamed."

A Smoke Girl, gone away

A keeper of your kiss, a dancer with the dead .


How did it all happen?

To be thrown away as I was,

I just don't seem to understand,

How could love be tossed around so loosely?

Yet, it happened, leaving me heartbroken and confused,

One day you love me and the next you can't stand my touch,

I want to hate you more then you will ever know,

Yet, my heart just isn't strong enough to make it happen,

To take it all back and start all over again,

To be able to NOT say I love you is an impossibility,

The words are already out there and the moment is gone,

Anger wells up in me for being so stupid,

How could I let you use me the way you did?

How could I fall for all those lies you told me?

You said you were falling in love with me,

You said I was the rock you leaned on,

While the entire time you were playing me for a fool,

I asked you why you need me but you couldn't come with an answer,

Now I know why the answers weren't there,

Because your heart belonged to someone else,

Determination wells up in me like an incredible wall,

I face you without fear, pain, or anger,

You will not take my dignity along with my pride,

I may have been fooled by you once,

But you will NOT fool me a second time,

You are a player, a user, a destroyer of hearts,

And I just happen to be your latest victim,

As the song says, "I will go down with this ship",

Only I won't be defeated quite so easily,

There is someone out there that will love who I am,

They will celebrate everyday that I am in their life,

They will love me for exactly who I am,

So I am not at a total loss,

As far as I can see I am the winner of this battle,

It is you who lost what a fortune you had in front of you,

It is a damn shame you couldn't see me,

So, as I close the door and walk away I smile,

I may have a broken heart,

But at least I still HAVE a heart.



  1. very happy to see your writing's improved dramatically. powerful stuff. keep strong.

    all the best from an older bro.

  2. It is so sad, but i have to were right about everything darling. the light at the end of the tunnel seem too far away from me now...